Senior Leadership Team

Karinne Faddy Head of School
Emily Keeler Interim Deputy Head of School
Emily Keeler SENCo
Laura Wilkins Interim Teaching and Learning Lead




Emily Keeler                                                                     SENCo                   

Teaching and Education Team

Danielle Oudomvilay Subject Specialist/Year 6 Teacher
Karima Peerwani Subject Specialist/Year 5 Teacher
Jose Nieto Year 4 Teacher
Kishma Felix Year 3 Teacher
Savanna Squillaci Year 2 Teacher
Shah Ali Year 1 Teacher
Callum Wilson Reception Teacher
  Nursery Teacher
Gina Morgan Co-Teacher
Emily Cox Co-Teacher
Ailsa Mainwaring      Lauren Milne 

Charlotte Cook

Valerie Sheppard

Graduate Co-Teacher        Graduate Co-Teacher 

Graduate Co-Teacher

Early Years Educator


Support Team


Jacqueline Brennan Teaching Assistant
Suhair Mohammed Teaching Assistant
Maxine Walsh Teaching Assistant


Nicola Summers                                                     Business  Manager                                                               
Keelie Keenan Admin Assistant
Terry Studd Site Manager

Catering Team

Djamel Meraghani                                              Chef                                                                                  
Winsome Hooper Catering Assistant
Emma Matthews Catering Assistant