At Ark Bentworth Primary Academy we recognise the importance of learning beyond the classroom, and supporting pupils to develop enquiry skills and knowledge about their local area and the world around them. To ensure that we provide pupils with a wide range of experiences we organise a number of educational visits and school trips throughout the year.


School Trips

We believe that our pupils benefit from visiting places of interest and having representatives from various organisations and other specialists visit the school. These experiences will link to the subjects/themes that the children are learning.


After School Clubs

Children will be able to participate in a range of enrichment clubs from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. These clubs vary each term. Please contact the school for an up to date list.

  • Choir
  • Street Dance
  • Football
  • Writing Booster
  • Reading Booster
  • Multi-Skills

Please check the office for prices on these.


Let Me Play Wraparound Care

Let Me Play's Wraparound Care programme supports schools in providing a vital service to parents and carers.  They deliverextended childcare on site from the end of the school day until 5.45pm.  The programme combines an offer of specialised activities along with more general play based activities as well as homework supervision.

These are the folowing daily options:

Activity Club (3.30pm-4.30pm) - £4 per session

Extended Care (3.30pm - 5.45pm) - £8 per session

Activity and Extended Care (3.30pm-4.45pm) £9 per session

Please contact Let Me Play directly to register and book at https://bookings.letmeplay.co.uk/auth/login or on 020 3475 7511



Breakfast Club

From 8.00am the children are welcome to attend Breakfast Club.  This is free as long as you pre-book, otherwise the cost is £1 per day.  Activities will be provided to stimulate their thinking skills alongside a healthy breakfast meal. The children will be expected to follow the breakfast club rules and work with others on a range of activities and games.


Independent Learning

Every child from year 1 upwards will receive an independent learning folder. This will provide parents and pupils with all the guidance they need to engage in some independent study.

Inside the folder is a submission date and more information about what pupils and parents can expect. The folders will be collected on the submission date and any independent work completed will be given a grade.

The homework focus includes: Whole Class Projects, Termly Class Topic Choice Projects, Reading, Research and Revision (Year 2, 5 and 6), Daily Core Skills Tasks and Computer Based Learning (examples below).


Pathways and Enrichment Policy