At Ark Bentworth, the History Curriculum is carefully mapped so that all pupils are equipped with an understanding of historical periods, significant events and significant individuals from both Britain and the wider world. Pupils are provided with opportunities to acquire knowledge of key facts and concepts alongside developing skills such as asking perceptive questions, analysing artefacts and evidence, thinking critically and understanding different perspectives.

  • Year 1: Toys in Time, Transport and Travel, Seaside: Now and Then
  • Year 2: Kings and Queens, Great Fire of London, They Made a Difference
  • Year 3: Stone, Bronze and Iron Age Britain, Ancient Greece
  • Year 4: Roman Invasions, Roman Britain, Maya Civilization
  • Year 5: Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, Baghdad and the Middle East, Industrial Revolution
  • Year 6: Ancient Egypt, Conflict and Resolution, Making our Mark

In Key Stage 1, pupils begin to develop their understanding of the past through a study of familiar objects and places before their learning travels further back in time to studies of significant people and significant events beyond living memory. History is brought to life through educational visits including to the London Transport Museum, Kensington Palace and through a Great Fire of London walk.

In Key Stage 2, pupils explore concepts of migration, empire, civilization, continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity and difference and significance. The story of Britain’s past is taught chronologically and interwoven with studies of ancient civilizations. The units based on world civilizations have been linked to the geographical focus for each year group and provide contrasts to both British History and each other. History in Key Stage 2 is supported by visits to the British Museum, the Museum of London, the London Mithraeum and the Cabinet War Rooms.

History Progression at Ark Bentworth