At Ark Bentworth we believe that a secure understanding of mathematics is integral for future success. Having confidence, knowledge and skills in mathematics prepares pupils for the next phase of the education, enables them to solve real-life problems and is essential to everyday life. We want our pupils to know that the maths they learn inside and outside of the classroom has the potential to open doors in their futures as scientists, engineers and designers.

In the Early Years, an emphasis is placed on pupils being provided with real life experiences. We prioritise allowing pupils to explore and understand the wealth of mathematics in the world around them. We focus on learning through play, role-play and songs and the use of concrete materials to support and develop understanding.

From Reception to Year 6, pupils are taught using the Maths Mastery curriculum. We have adopted the Maths Mastery programme as we believe the approach to mathematics is rigorous, it covers a broad number sense and follows the pedagogical approach of concrete-pictorial-abstract to enable all pupils to access the learning. In this curriculum:

  • Learning builds cumulatively so that connections are made across concepts and ideas.
  • Concepts are taught through the concrete, pictorial, abstract model to ensure and promote a depth of understanding.
  • There is an emphasis on learning, and confidently using language to communicate mathematical problems
  • Teachers use careful questioning to encourage students to build mathematical habits of mind
  • Daily Maths Meetings are used to consolidate areas of mathematics

Our lesson structure allows pupils to develop their mathematical rigor through deliberate practice of the small steps of learning so that pupils may advance to more complex learning by the end of the lesson. Learning is ‘chunked’ into a ‘Do Now’, ‘New learning’, ‘Talk Task’, ‘Developed learning’, ‘Independent practice’ and a plenary. Pupils revisit and revise concepts each day in our daily maths meetings – maths meetings also focus on daily calendar maths and place value.

Maths Progression at Ark Bentworth