At Ark Bentworth, we are committed to providing a broad and balanced life-skills curriculum through Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE) education.  This is taught through the three strands of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), Health Education and Living in the Wider World.  Our PSHE curriculum is essential to providing pupils with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to manage their lives now, and in the future.  Through quality delivery, it aims to develop: 

  • confident individuals who know and understand how to live safe, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives 
  • young people who are able to maintain positive, respectful and healthy relationships, within which they can thrive personally and socially 
  • responsible citizens who understand they have rights and responsibilities that help them make a positive contribution to society 
  • successful learners who enjoy discovering new knowledge, making progress and achieving success.

The PSHE curriculum at Ark Bentworth, including RSE, is reviewed every year in consultation with pupils, staff and our parent community.  As such, units may be adapted to reflect current concerns, for example, the re-allocation of mental health & wellbeing units to Autumn 1 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. PSHE lessons are delivered daily for 20-25 minutes and include teaching on mindfulness as well as reflection and self-regulation through an approach called Zones of Regulation.  Content is both statutory and non-statutory.  Non-statutory elements are found within the ‘Living in the Wider World’ strand (economic wellbeing, responsible citizenship & careers) and sex education in Year 6 only.  Arrangements for parents to withdraw Year 6 pupils from sex education lessons are clearly set out in the PSHE & RSE policy on our website. 

PSHE teaching often works within pupils’ real-life experiences, addressing a range of personal, social, emotional and health issues.  A safe, supportive and respectful learning environment is created by establishing clear ground rules, developed and agreed with all pupils.  Lessons are also characterised by active and interactive engagement.  In every unit, a variety of teaching and learning styles are used including videos, information sheets, visual aids, games, story books, pictures and drawing, role play and visits by external professionals and theatre groups, for example. 

Finally, as an inclusive school, Ark Bentworth values difference and diversity within our school community and the wider world.  As such, PSHE is delivered within the context of our school aims and values:

  • School Aims: Aiming High, Achieving Together 
  • School Values: Respect, Resilience, Generosity, Honesty, Independence, Happiness 

We believe that pupils should receive comprehensive, balanced and accurate information that relates to their needs. In exploring their own feelings and attitudes, and those of peers and wider society, our pupils are able to develop values on which to base decisions about relationships, health and living in the wider world.

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