Ark Bentworth Primary Academy is fully committed to ensuring our pupils enjoy a healthy balanced diet. We value the importance of all pupils sitting down together at tables in small groups and enjoying meal together whilst learning how to eat and hold polite conversation in a well-mannered fashion. Packed lunches are permitted however we encourage parents to opt for school dinners so that they can enjoy a healthy, hot meal.  


There are 4 options each day: Meat, Halal, Vegetarian or Jacket Potato. Parents can order and pay for school meals using our online payment system, WisePay. The link is below, and login details can be requested from the school office:


School meals are free for all children in Reception, Year 1 and 2. Meals are also free for pupils in other year groups who are entitled to Free School Meals. To find out if your child is entitled to Free School Meals, please contact the school office or local authority here. For all other pupils, meals are charged at £2.00 per day, and need to be paid for in advance


Please click below to view the menu and allergy information:

Autumn Menu

Allergy Information