ARK Bentworth Community Cookbook Project

This term at ARK  Bentworth we want to get the whole community involved in healthy living by creating our own Bentworth cookbook!

Anyone can take part. All you need to do is think of your favourite recipe and send it in to school so it can be published in the cookbook.

The recipes can be for anything you enjoy cooking at home. The focus is on good simple home cooking and food that all the family can enjoy. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

We are looking for a mixture of snacks, starters, main meals, desserts and treats. Remember a healthy diet means eating a balance of all kinds of foods.

If you would like to write a recipe but you’re not sure how, if you would like some help with translation, or if you have any questions please speak to Mrs. Grierson at the school gates in the morning.

Who can write a recipe?

Anyone! If you’re a child who enjoys cooking and you want to get a recipe in the book write one down and hand it in to the school office.

If you’re a parent, carer, grandparent, aunty, uncle or cousin who enjoys cooking we would love to have your recipes too!

You can enter a recipe as a family with all your names on it if you would like.

Even the staff at ARK Bentworth will be getting involved and adding their favourite recipes to the cookbook!

How do I share my recipe?

You can write your recipe on this leaflet or on a piece of paper and hand it in to the school office. Don’t forget to put your name and your child/children’s name on it. If you would prefer to email it. Send it to:

Hand your recipes into school by Friday 14th February to ensure they make it into the cookbook.·