We really do have something to celebrate!

We are extremely proud of our 2015 end of year results across the whole school here at Ark Bentworth.

In Key Stage 2; 92% of our children entered their secondary school education with at least a Level 4 in Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined and 31% with a Level 5 combined.

(Level 4 is the level that students at the end of primary school should reach in Reading, Writing and Mathematics; with Levels 5 & 6 being above and significantly above national expectations)

Not only were these the best results the school has ever had… they were the best Year 6 results in the Ark Network!

It’s not just our Year 6’s that we need to say well done too…

In our Early Years Foundation Stage, 87% of our children achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD), compared to the national average of 60%.


90% of our children in Year 1 passed their phonics screening check. This is significantly above the 2014 national average of 74%.

In response to our successful year, Damian McBeath, Executive Principal said,

“I’m delighted with this year’s results; they really demonstrate that the hard work we’ve been putting in is starting to pay off. Our pupils and teachers have really gone the extra mile to get these results, and to be improving year on year is a huge achievement. I’d like to thank the whole school community, including all the staff and parents for their support this year.”