To achieve our ambitious vision it is of utmost importance that our community is one in which all feel safe both emotionally and physically. This policy outlines how this will be achieved.

At Ark Bentworth Primary Academy we have a policy of prevention. Preventing bullying makes it easier to respond to incidents when they occur. It also enables us to create an ethos in which the whole school community is clear that bullying is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Everyone involved in the life of the school must take responsibility for promoting a common anti-bullying approach. We aim to:

  • be supportive of each other
  • provide positive role models
  • convey a clear understanding that we disapprove of unacceptable behaviour
  • be clear that we all follow the rules and shared values of ARK Bentworth Primary Academy
  • be fully involved in the development of the anti-bullying policy and support anti-bullying practice
  • support each other in the implementation of this policy

Antibullying Policy