Parent Coffee Mornings

All parents and carers are invited to join members of the Senior Leadership Team at our regular parent coffee mornings. These events are advertised in our school newsletters here and will have a specific focus. Previous events have included a focus on behaviour, e-safety, relationships and sex education, gaming, fundraising and also have included guest speakers. These events provide parents with an opportunity to ask questions, raise any concerns and to discuss ideas for ways forward in improving all aspects of their children's education at Ark Bentworth Primary Academy.


Showcase Week

Each term parents will be invited to attend Showcase Week. It is an opportunity for you to find out what your child has been learning during the term, look at their work and celebrate their learning.


Parent Consultations

During the year, there are two formal opportunities to discuss your child’s progress and to consider how we can work together to support their learning in the autumn and spring term. These parent consultations take place during the evenings after school. Dates for these consultations are published in the school newsletter here. A third opportunity in the summer term is available on request following receipt of your child's final written report.

In addition, parents/carers are always welcome to have informal meetings with their child’s teacher, at a mutually convenient time, or to arrange a more formal meeting if needed.


Written Reports

Progress reports are sent out follwing each assessment window. Your child's teacher can answer any questions you have about your child's progress and will help you with ideas how to support your child's learnnig at home.

Each child receives a written report at the end of the Summer term. These reports will outline the progress that your child has made, together with individual targets for further improvement.