Aiming High, Achieving Together

Ark Bentworth Primary Academy is characterised by its core values and high expectations for student achievement and personal development. We do this through embedding our vision statement in all that we do: aiming high, achieving together. This is underpinned by our school values: 

  • Respect: We value others and ourselves; treating others with kindness, even when they differ from us.
  • Resilience: We always try our best, learn from our mistakes and never give up; even when facing a challenge.
  • Generosity: We share our time, knowledge and things with those around us.
  • Honesty: We speak the truth and act in a way we know is right.
  • Independence: We take responsibility for our learning and we are able to think for ourselves before asking for help.
  • Happiness: We smile on the inside and the outside; knowing we are valued and cared for.

The school and everyone in it promotes and reflects the Ark values of aspiration, perseverance and responsibility, which leads to high achievement for every student.

  • Staff believe that every child, whatever their starting point, can succeed in education
  • Staff do ‘whatever it takes’ for their pupils to succeed, and pupils develop the same attitude for themselves and for others
  • Responsibility is shared: all staff and pupils expect to help each other at all times
  • The school values and feels part of the Ark network

We set exceptionally high expectations for all our pupils which we reinforce constantly as they go through school. We believe every child can realise their potential with the right teaching and support. We want every pupil at Ark Bentworth Academy to do well enough by the age of 18 to go on to university or pursue the career of their choice.

At Ark Bentworth Primary we achieve through the highest of expectations encouraging all to attain the highest standards.  We learn together as a community through exciting opportunities. Our teachers are inspirational and will prepare your child with skills for life as a citizen of the future.